Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reach up and touch the sky

I am not writing regularly these days, not even in my diary. So here goes an old poem not shared earlier. Hopefully by next month I will be able to write some article or short stories.But for now I am sharing a poetry written on 2006, 5th March to be precise. Hope that you will like this.

Reach up and touch the sky

They’ll try to pull you down,

They’ll try to push you in,

Regardless of challenges you face,

Reach up and touch the sky.

They’ll say there’s no ground beneath your feet,

They’ll say you’re flying too high,

Regardless of what they say,

Reach up and touch the sky.

They’ll say a lot of things,

Which may impinge your thought process,

Regardless of this insinuation,

You should always move in your way.

They’ll try to cow you down,

In every, nook and corners of life,

Better be ready to face the challenge,

And lead your way upright.

In the end of the life, you’ll find,

If you’ve followed your path,

If you’ve faced your challenges,

If you’re unbowed,

You’ve surely, reached up and touched the sky.

© Tarun Mitra

March 5. 2006