Wednesday, March 24, 2010

100th Post

So therefore at last.

Shrugging of my laziness

Resting my logic

Breaking my promise not to babble online

Ultimately I am writing my 100th post under a spell of painful swollen left leg which I have endowed for 3 days now and finally have decided to get to doctor morrow.

I thought a hell lotta things to write in this one, Rave, Rants, poems, views, diatribe but lastly settling for nothing..

Don't ask me how it happen (my leg if you care) coz I just don't know, one evening while getting printouts I began to hurt and on reaching home it was swollen and painful. And today I limped my way back home and morrow I have to limped my way to office. Anyhow.

So what have changed in its world. Nothing really! People are still fool, government is still screwing people, IPL tamasha have two more actors (i support Delhi though), world is going x yz, Google showed middle finger to the middle kingdom, and March is terribly hotter in Delhi than ever, and my indiranking plummeted to 69 on account of non posting. much and relax..U are still living

It has being a great journey till now. For all of those you out there who actually read before comment, thank made me write better..and those who think I write shit, well my friend sometime mirror shows our own image and we fail to recognize it (no offence though).

This is my 100th Post see some different in 101

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why should I write?

I don't clearly remember why'd I began writing. Probably to diffuse tension which kept brewing in my brain, and by writing I mean writing not only blogging. I am quite unaware when this habit caught me and challenged me to give my best. But as time passed, and life grew, today I am compelled to ask myself "Why should I write at all?"

It is not that I accidentally stumbled upon writing. I used to write some parody, some speeches in my school days but they were few and far between. I graduated to diary writing during my first and second year. But discontinued regular writing soon, though I still keep a folder and use to pen my thoughts there often, but that too have reduced a lot after I started blogging.

Now coming to blogging, I must say I'd some good and some bad experiences. There were few good experience like some of my mediocre stuff got more attention and some bad experience like some of my better researched stuff suffered badly. Part of life I can say to myself. But...

Why should I write? it is the question I am asking myself, It is not about the readers only. But can it bring about any change. Will it affect the world even by an iota. Will it effect anyone's thinking by a tiniest bit. Will anyone disagree and lead to an healthy argument to keep me engage. Or will anyone even care.

It is my 99th post, and I don't know what I will post for my 100th.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Death wish

Again a poetry of mine. For last many days I am not feeling to write anything, though there are many things to write upon. But call it my sheer laziness or just chance. Hopefully by next week there would be some article or short story. For now enjoy (if it is) my poetry which I actually wrote on April 22, 2006.

Death wish

After my death

Don’t take chances

Burn the body

Bury the ashes

As poet in me

May rise again from the grave

Or walk away from the funeral pyre

But even though

I still may live

In the lines of my poems

In the music of my songs

Running through my paragraphs

With every set of human emotions

Hunger, happiness, rage, anger

I may live

I the morning breeze

In the drops of dew

In the rays of sun

In prit-prat of rain

In silence of night

In twinkles of star

In the shine of moon

Or I may live

In your hearts

Yours minds might forget me

But they’ll be a permanent address

I may not be there

But they’ll be the address

You may come as you like

And float through my lovely lines

And remember the man with whom

You took no chances

So after my death

Don’t take chances

Burn the body

Bury the ashes

© Tarun Mitra

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi

My Self Potrait (cropped for privacy) during last holi

Wishing you all a Happy Safe and Prosperous Holi

Drink but please do not drive after that

Flirt but do it within a limit of decency

And enjoy the festival of colors with full gaiety