Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaundice Days - Part 1

I must admit on the very onset that I have never felt like this before, never in my life I have suffered something of this magnitude. But once it had stuck, certainly it had taken a considerable part of my life from me. Never in my 24 years of my life (I turned 24 on September 29th) I had spent so much amount of time in the bed, laying up to 22 hours a day, day after day for almost 30 days. Never in my life I have seen people becoming so much interested in color of my piss and shit. Never in my life I have received medication and food advices from such different coterie of people. Never in my life I have denied (and am denying) myself non-vegetarian food for such a prolonged period. And lastly I have never thought that I would have to stop drinking tea. Timing would not have being so inappropriate, on the verge of September with oncoming festive season, I was down, with my liver and to some extent with my life.

It was mid August when I started to have problem with my stomach; indigestion and gas were the main culprits. I usually rely on homeopathy, so I did. But devil kept showing up with newer faces, sometimes with stomach ache and sometimes with a burning sensation whenever I eat something. It was August 14th when my good friend first told me that my eyes were turning pale, I didn’t take him seriously at that time, why would eye? Because with the same breadth he came to accusing his office colleague being suffering from swine flu (which was only a rumor). However, I kept experiencing things I haven’t experienced before, for the first time I didn’t felt to relish a well cooked mutton on August 15th. A week went, I did consult the homeopath, but it was Saturday August 22nd when I felt there is seriously something wrong with me.

During the week preceding August 22nd, twice I went down for a walk, but both of the times after coming back I crashed on the bed only getting up after at least half an hour of rest; a thing unusual of me. But it was that Saturday which really spilled the beans. I had to accompany my grandfather to his old office. He was really adamant with this; otherwise the old man was threatening to go alone. He is 86 years old, suffered three major strokes and is too frail than his previous self; but as it is said in old age you tend to act like a kid and he was doing the same, I had to go even if I was suffering from stomach ache. But the auto ride to and fro became the real eye opener. I almost lied down on my seat both the times, especially while I was returning could not move my hand from my tummy. After we arrived, I just collapsed on the bed. The very evening I called my friends so that they could accompany me to the market place. I just could complete the full round and returned half way. I was feverish and feeling too weak.

This was the moment when my good friend told my condition to his uncle and his uncle called me and ordered (yes, ordered as I do respect him a lot) me to get a jaundice check next morning. Next morning uncle and my friend accompanied me to the clinic for getting my blood tested. It was Sunday August 23rd. I spent entire day on the bed. My friend fetched the report; it read Bilirubin has reached 14. Unable to decipher the result, I went to Tilak Nagar with my friend. An hour later I was back, by this time jaundice was proven, next day I have to visit the doctor.

To be Continued...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Dusshera and Vijaya Dashami

First of all take my good wishes for Dusshera and Vijaya Dashami.

It's more than a month since I have last posted something. Jaundice has really taken me in. But now I will try to post more.

Thanks you all for your good wishes for my recovery. Biliruben is 3 now so it may me a week in which i will recover.

Anyhow I am still weak. But will get well for sure

Cheers and have a great festive season