Saturday, July 23, 2011

Delusion of Love: Part IV

This is the final Part of my poem "Delusion of Love" you can access first three parts by clicking on Part I, Part II and Part III

Part IV

Essence of love is pain
Untruthfulness its bane
I suffered both
In her hands the most.

That day she lied
As she met her ‘flyby’
For him she called up
And told me to shut up.

I was hurt to core
I wished to live no more
Stuck by axe of deceit
The body became bag of meat.

She called up next day
Explaining her way
She said she loved him
She cannot forget him.

“Why you lie my dear?”
“Why you drew me closer?”
“I was happy alone”
“Why you gave me such delusion”

“I never loved you”, She said
“Its all in your mind”
“Its him I loved”
“And will love – till the end of time.”

“You should’ve told me straight”
“You should’ve never lied.”
“You insulted me – my self respect”
“Giving a wound – unrestrained”

It is where the logic fails
In the altar of argument
As accusations gained momentum
It was hurt that pained.

With a heavy heart
I bid her farewell
“I still love you” I Said
But she won’t gel.
I once was in love
But it was mere illusion
And my heart still singes
From this delusion.

© Tarun Mitra
July 19th, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Delusion of Love: Part III

This is the third and penultimate part of my poem "Delusion of Love" Part I and Part II can be accessed by clicking on then respectively.
Part III

One day – She did say ‘No’
Over the telephone
My heart clenched, eyes cried
As if nothing happened, I smiled.

It was hard I guess
But it was fine
Only brightness of truth can
Cut through forest’s pine.

My love is pure
My adoration – pristine
I’ll give whatever she asks
My love is unselfish and kind.

When you love someone dearly
When you love someone true
Its for them you care the most
Even if its hurting you.

I told “I’m your friend”
“And I’m there for you”
“Don’t you worry dear!”
“Nothing will hurt you.”

© Tarun Mitra
July 19th, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Delusion of Love: Part II

This is the second part of the poem "Delusion of Love" you can check out Part I here

Part II

I knew I was in love
And it was no illusion
I thanked gods above me
for allure of such delusion.

Love is not a trophy,
decorating our shelves.
It is an unending feeling,
Illuminating itself.

This unending feeling
Which hits you in waves
Gives a blissful pleasure
An entertainment serenade.

Here mind is the servant
To whims of heart
Senses surrender
To its unflinching desires.

It also leaves a dilemma
In a manner sedate
A space, pitch black
Shadow of illuminate.

All the logic, every reason
All the rhyme, every season
Fails of ignite a simple thought
Of rejection – a broken heart.

I believed I can let it go
If she said me ‘no’
I’ll stand besides her
Quite simply! I liked her.

© Tarun Mitra
July 18th, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Delusion of Love: Part I

This is the first part of my new poem 'Delusion of Love', I hope that you will like it.

Part I

I thought I was in love
But it was a mere illusion
Oh! My Lord why did you
Gave me such delusion

She came to me slowly
With her sweet intoxicating smile
Inebriated with her charm
On my dreams I lied.

As the days passed
And trust grew stronger
Within me I knew
I couldn’t hold any longer.

One day she told me
There’s a guy she liked
For five years she’d loved him
My world came crashing by.

Gathering my self and emotions
I prepared to say goodbye
She said, “Hey! There stop!”
“It was past, doing flyby.”

A faint smile sickled in my face
When her eyes shown and twinkled
As she mentioned me as “Special friend”
Her voice did a jingle.

For her happiness I prayed
To Saints and Gods above
A feeling of eternal longing
is what I felt for her.

© Tarun Mitra

July 14th, 2011