Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Award for me

Well I must confess it is my third/ fourth award. But honestly I don't remember when I was awarded the earlier one. Secondly I was blissfully unaware of rules therefore I just said thanks to the person who awarded me. My awards were given by Megha and Nalini, both wonderful bloggers.

My this award is given by Karan, who happened to drop in my lonely blog and regularly shared his view. Thanks a lot buddy.

Now as rule of accepting the award I must forward it to my other fellow bloggers, I would like to give this "Cool Award" to

Megha for great stories and great photos

Nalini for great poetry and great photos

Tavish great blog mate and too regular

Gyanban needs no introduction

Anulal for heart rendering poetry

Mridula for encouraging me into blogging

Thanks again Karan, because it is for you now that I am posted again.


Tavish Chadha( said...

Cool blogger award.. yay! thanks a ton buddy... am honored... ur a cool blogger too! :)


Gyanban said...

That's very thoughtful of you.
Appreciate the gesture.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

congratulations to award winners

Megha said...

Thanks Tarun. I am honoured :)
You made my day :)

Mridula said...

Thanks Tarun.

Megha said...

My award goes to you too :)

Tarun Mitra said...

Thank you All


Gyanban said...

Why have you stopped writing ?

Mridula said...

Long time no see?