Friday, March 25, 2011

She was like a bright light blinding my eyesight

She was like a bright light

Blinding my eyesight

It was when I first saw her

And had something moved forever

She was a delicacy of delight

And even for an untrained eye

It was very hard to escape

Her innocent presence-everyday

Like bud of a flower

Readying to get blossomed

The fragrance she radiated

Entranced me forever

And as the days passed

My shyness in me elapsed

She approached me for a talk

As I was taking my walk

It was dream come true

Which can be felt by lucky few

Thought we talked only law

I saw her without a flaw

Impressed- that was she

By my knowledge and ingenuity

Little she’d noticed she’d me over

That her beauty had a follower

We met now quite often

For one reason or another

Sooner she’d the hint

Why I’ve mouthful of mint

It wasn’t tobacco I deceived

Her presence is that besieged

The me in me from myself

Just for her from herself

And then one day with a cusp of courage

I acknowledge her the beauty she is

Her face, her hair, her body gestured

In accordance with me

As if like a silent communication

She knew that I meant for her

Never did she approved or disapproved

The love I have for her

Just for her one glimpse

I willingly wait for eternity

And whenever she came

She bought joy to my sordidly

I wish if this could go on

Till the last moments of time

But time cannot be held hostage

To human passions, emotions and pride

And one day

She walked away

Away she went

Without giving a clue

With no reason assigned

She walked out of my life

Away with her newer self

To a new world with newer friend

Feigning ignorance of my presence

She loved company of her new friend

I tried to see her from different ways

From net, mobile and bouquet

Roadblocked all my way

Heartbreak came without delay

Why did she do it? I say

Wasn’t I brave enough to say

The deepest words of my love

Or she’d always looked other way

Brimming with vagrant hatred

The brightest light turned dark

The black hole of my emotions sucked

The delicate portion of my heart

Cursing myself for this cowardice

I killed the poet in me

But the poet’s pen refused to die

On the paper it cried

The void in me remains unfilled

After years of endeavors and tries

Every time our eyes met

A piece within me dies

Why did she do it? I often ask

Just I was un-brave

Or it was other one she craved

Killing me again and again

The Prince Charming gets his Princess

But Romeo poisons himself and dies

Life is never romantic fiction

It is a fact that seldom cries

There will be a judgment day

When lives will be put on scale

That day I’ll ask her

Why did she walk away?

But waiting for the final pyre

The poet still haven’t died

In spite of limitless tries

On the paper the pen still cries

“She was like a bright light

Blinding my eyesight.”

© Tarun Mitra

January 26, 2010


Mridula said...

That very nice Tarun. My classic take on it is, this too shall pass?

shivani said...

Awesome gud.....har kisi ki story hai.....first love always die...beautifully written

Kajal Gurnani said...

its awesum .........mindblowing!!!!!!!

Kajal Gurnani said...

its awesum ..compltly mindblowing!!!!!

Geeta Singh said...

wow !!!! awesome!

Megha said...

your words left me wordless...amazing...what r u doing tarun, u should write frequently...i loved it..

keep writing!!

vanderloost said...

Your heart still cries!!!

Tarun Mitra said...

First of all thanks...but I need to make one clarification....this work is part fact part fiction..

@ Mridula...thanks...yep it passed :)and in fact this poem was written a year ago..

@ Shivani..thanks..its depends yaar...whether it is love or crush or infatuation..

@ Kajal...thanks...:)

@ Geeta..thanks :) and Thanks for visiting my blog

@ Megha...thanks for the appreciation..I am busy with my world..the way you are :( so no regular writing...and thanks again..

@ Vanderloost...can't say that :)..thanks :)

Shivani said...

One wrd......awesome....very deep and beautifully written tarun srsly..igues this is the best one of all ur posts..i just loved it

Tarun Mitra said...

@ Shivani....Thanks yaar...I really appreciate that you liked it :)