Thursday, October 2, 2008

The longest Night

At the time of the post, it is early night in Delhi. But for the ensuing festive season, it has been a long dark night. A night with no proper end in sight.

In a matter of two weeks four blasts have rocked the city. Though causalities has being lesser than that of the blasts of October 2005, but it was still able to show at what nadir our internal security has gone.

And even when all these things were going on, the head of our country's internal security, the Home Minister, has gotten the enough time to change his attire thrice. Not only that, he still has the courage to say, that with more blasts we are getting more experienced. Thanks for rubbing salt in our wounds.

But coming back to the blasts, whosoever had done them, one thing is clear, what he wanted is to instill fear. Here is where he had failed. He had instilled tears, pain, grief but not fear.
There is inscription in the Nigambodh Ghat ( a funeral place in Delhi) "Jeevan thathya hai, Mrityu Satya hai", mean life is a logic, but truth is death. Most of the Indians are bought up to that fact, and even though we are a country of emotional fools, we do understand this and to some extent, devonomize the snake of terrorism.

But this shall not be a reason of being complancent, such complacency has costed us of being overran by different countries in past. We can not call ourself great if we even can't protect our subjects, our citizens. And all those sloganeering goes down the drain.

It is said that the night is darkest before the dawn. Hope that the dawn breaks soon.

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