Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why should I write?

I don't clearly remember why'd I began writing. Probably to diffuse tension which kept brewing in my brain, and by writing I mean writing not only blogging. I am quite unaware when this habit caught me and challenged me to give my best. But as time passed, and life grew, today I am compelled to ask myself "Why should I write at all?"

It is not that I accidentally stumbled upon writing. I used to write some parody, some speeches in my school days but they were few and far between. I graduated to diary writing during my first and second year. But discontinued regular writing soon, though I still keep a folder and use to pen my thoughts there often, but that too have reduced a lot after I started blogging.

Now coming to blogging, I must say I'd some good and some bad experiences. There were few good experience like some of my mediocre stuff got more attention and some bad experience like some of my better researched stuff suffered badly. Part of life I can say to myself. But...

Why should I write? it is the question I am asking myself, It is not about the readers only. But can it bring about any change. Will it affect the world even by an iota. Will it effect anyone's thinking by a tiniest bit. Will anyone disagree and lead to an healthy argument to keep me engage. Or will anyone even care.

It is my 99th post, and I don't know what I will post for my 100th.


Nalini Hebbar said...

Well, Why do you write?...The reason is yours and yours alone.
The reaction may be varied, stimulation or otherwise,but I think it is worth putting thoughts on paper..cathartic!

Chakoli said...



why we keep on figuring out the reason for every action!!!!

arrey u write simple!!

there is no need for a reason and logic behind it...

u write it and we like it... and os u write more!!

Mridula said...

Maybe because you like writing?

Tarun Mitra said...

Thank you all for at least reading it. Was somewhat frustrated because of many reasons, writing is one of them.

Nalini and Mridula..

Thanks for providing both question and answer respectively. Nalini, cathartic, yes it is. Is it worth? May be now. Mridula, maybe yes I like to write, to pen my thoughts and to share them. But there was some void. Now after a day I am not giving it a damn.


Tugruc tugruc tugruc tugruc tugruc

Were you able to understand it? No I suppose..For me only two things are without reason, Love and insanity and rest have both logic and reason. Anyways, Thanks for your appreciation...and my apologies for being rustic. :)

Megha said...

First of all let me tell u...u write really good..

Now coming to your questions, i think some people write for readers and some for've written for both I guess. Your research on any subject is thorough and it has shown in your writing and equally good were your stories which i guess connected well with readers.

Actually it totally depends on the reader's mood. Like if I am feeling low today, I'll read only fun stuff.

Well, 100 post is not that special coz you have long way to go :)
Maybe 1000 one would be ;)

desertnutmeg said...

When one is a writer, as you are, you have to write. You just do. It's in you.
Will what you write, the "article," change the world? Probably at least an iota.
Try this question: Will what i write, or the fact that i do write, change me (yourself) one iota? And, what change will that evoke in your behavior, and the change in your behavior will be passed on to those you interact with, and the ripples in the stream reach farther and farther.
What do you think of that perspective?

Tarun Mitra said...

@ Megha...that is a decent observation..I write both yes..And thanks....:) 1000nd...can i survive till that...:)

@ desertnutmeg...that is a perspective......mean I do think like this but fail to see this way everytime..Thanks for visit and encouragement :)

Neha Gupta said...

Why does anyone write?
Maybe we want to share our thoughts, or its just simple catharsis which motivates us, or its an experiment for some, a challenge for others.....Whatever the reasons are, the result is one-WRITING.
We all here just love writing and that's the reason we are here on a common platform.

Tarun Mitra said...

@ Neha I can only agree with u...sorry for responding late