Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post for 2011

With 1st January, 2012 just few hours away, I think it would be the best time to summarize my entire 2011. Speaking about my blogs, I wouldn’t say it was a great year, I wrote and posted much lesser than I did last year, but for everything else this year has been a watershed.

If life is collection of moments: and moments making events: and events making memories, then this year have been a collection of all type of memories, the good, the bad and the ugly; with each one leaving a deep impression.

Like something written in sand, impressions in life too gets washed away with the sprinkling waves of future, or the quite torrent in the horizon of life. Nothing is permanent; nothing is predictable except of course writing about them.

Today, at this juncture I am not apologetic that I don’t write further, I am not apologetic that I led someone cross my life, I am not apologetic that I ignored the requirement of my eyes and avoided specs, I am not apologetic that I prefer to stay aloof, I am not apologetic that I don’t give alms to beggars, I am not apologetic that my demeanor is of an angry young man, I am not apologetic that I talk straight and I am not apologetic for being me.

Happy New Year to you all
 Logging off from 2011



Indrani said...

Wish you a Very Happy New Year!

Mridula said...

May you blog a bit more in 2012. Wishing you a fabulous 2012.