Monday, February 27, 2012

The Burning Desire

The Burning Desire

The Burning desire
That seeps within
Who knows - from what, where
Fire keeps burning.

The Burning desire
Deep within
Burns with me
and my thoughts and dream

The Burning desire
scorching my heart
And my mind suffers
from blistering heat

The Burning desire
ceases to stop
The piercing heat
melting carrion

The Burning desire
with me its burns
The glowing incandescence
My ashes flew hereon

The Burning desire
Its my funeral pyre
The fire will burn
Till I am gone.

The desire seeks no end
The desire drives and stops
The desire leaps and descends
 The desire fuels the very fire
and the desire burns
and within me
The Burning desire

-        Tarun Mitra

27th February, 2012
© Tarun Mitra


Mridula said...

First of all good to see a new post. Secondly loved the picture. And lastly you do have a way with the words. :D Keep posting whenever you can.

Megha said...

No mention of the desires?

UNless we have burning desire, things remains just in imagination.

Tarun Mitra said...

@Mridula...Thanks :) I will try

@Megha....What if the desire consumes u