Thursday, February 11, 2010

Left Alone

I wrote this piece almost 5 years back November 17, 2004 to be precise, the time when I actually realized I can write, I somewhat feel like this even now, do leave your comments

Left Alone

I am in the middle of the ocean

Left alone- nowhere to go

Sky is clouded- I can’t see stars

I couldn’t find my way home

I see no star, no light, no hope

To guide me out of this lonely sea

I’ve lost all my gadgets

I couldn’t find the distance

I’m left with only one piece of cloth

Is it a night?

Or a day turned dark

I’m struggling for life

Amongst approaching shark

I’m fighting hard

I’ve lost sight to time, day and date

Month and year I’m stranded all alone

I’m in the middle of the ocean

Left alone- nowhere to go

© Tarun Mitra


Mridula said...

Melancholic but sums up the mood well. I hope the protagonist survived and found a lot of lights. :D

DRIVEN said...

B E A U tiful....

awesome work..

But what happened around that time that you even remembered the date when wrote this?

Megha said...

Very nice. I like it.
By any chance were you sad when you wrote this ? I dont know if you'll remember, but really nice.

Sanand said...

For the awesome poetry, find yourself tagged at and do check it out.

Tarun Mitra said...

@ Mridula..yep it is...protagonist has survived and is commenting back to you..but the poem still holds true :( :D

@ Rajat...yep i remember the date..November 17, 2004 to be exact..thanks

@ Megha..yep I was...but have got maturer a lot since

@ Sanand Thanks and thanks again for tagging me..will sure return the favour...:)

Shivani said...

seriously beautiful.....

actaully the metaphors u have used is actaully the best part in the poem

keep it up

Tarun Mitra said...

@ Shivani...many thanks :)

Tavish Chadha said...

very nice tarun... really really nice... the mood comes across very nicely


Tarun Mitra said...

@ Tavish...Thanks a lot buddy :)