Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The funny side of the Annual Budget

Budget making is a serious exercise, it operose when the exercise relates to the government of one-sixth of the humanity. Adding on to this voluminous package, the modern electronic media has ensured that is reviewed by so called analyst, news readers, economist, businessmen, lay man and any other man the agencies can lay their hands upon. Just for the sake of the common man to understand that he has to pay his taxes, directly or indirectly, to fund his government’s expenditure on him. A business of real serious nature, giving someone the part of your money to spend it on you in a manner they like.
But sometimes the budget, the Finance Minister’s speech and the provisions, contains something that might tickle the funny bone. It might be his pronunciation of ‘verb’ as’ bharb’ (commonly done by the Bengalis, even my mother spell it like this only) or some liability which is in existence for more than 60 years now. Seems like a case tethered in Indian Judiciary, well not like that, but it is the debt of Rs. 300 cr. owed by Pakistan towards India as pre-partition debt.
The particular piece appeared in www.expressindia.com, which states that this liability is being carried forward since independent India’s first budget. More interesting thing is that India has met her liability of Rs. 50 cr. to Pakistan, but the good neighbor still owes this money. It may also be added that no interest is being charged on this amount and the amount has also not being inflation adjusted.
Well no body knows or shall come to know how many F-16 (or J-10 if you like Chinese) fighter Pakistanis might have bought out of this money. And for India, if it considers as a big superpower can’t just write the amount off, just as a show of generosity.

© Tarun Mitra

The data is based on the article appeared on www.expressindia.com (http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Past-receipts-Pakistan-still-owes-India-Rs-300-crore/485726/)


Mridula said...

It never occured to me that there could be anything funny in the budget but now that I read this, I also remember Pranab Mukherjee saying he need some water before he could discuss taxes.

Tarun Mitra said...

Mridula, budget can be funny. Well for a partially improvised country like that of your, what can be the bigger joke if air conditioner and poverty alleviation program are bundled together. Having said that, Yes off course, there are some interesting pieces comments and actions which can bring out laughter. Speeches are long, and ministers, are human too. :)

Ali said...

Apropos the news item Past receipts Pakistan still owes India Rs. 300 crore published in the Indian express as well as other leading dailies. PTI story at best can be labeled as a single scene from a historical financial drama with a political plot of no less consequence than the partition of subcontinent. The story is bending of facts and conveys as if one stroke is a complete picture where as truth is a casualty in this misreporting.

The publication of news item led to passionate debates on the blogs/web pages where our Dravidian friends i.e. Hindustanis were at their usual best in their favorite national sport of Pakistan bashing. To relieve them of self inflicted fears and belief in half contorted truths of Pakistan owing money to Hindustan, let me assure you Dravidians out there that we owe nobody nothing. The State Bank of Pakistan‘s latest audited financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2008(accessible at sbp.org.pk), disclose unsettled claims amounting to Rs. 3,316 million (332 crore) against Government of India and Reserve Bank of India all dating back to 1947

However my claim can also be rejected on the same basis as we reject the Dravidians. But apart from these financials, if somebody is still not satisfied historical documents can be looked into published by the British India library and net will be a claim by us on Hindustan. If still there exists an unsatisfied soul out there across LOC let me ask a question: Why did Gandhi gee fast right after partition? How did your Nehru chacha break his fast by agreeing to something that “Iron Man” of India was strongly against?

If you Hindustanis have the courage to answer these questions, then I want my remaining money back

Tarun Mitra said...

Ali...it only shows how sick you are. I have written here with a comic sense with no intention to get into any heated political debate. However, since you have started it, let me tell you one this First
1. Indians are Indians not Dravidians or Hindustanis or anything you mention here so beware.
2. Cricket is the most popular pastime in India, not Pakistan bashing. Get it straight, we don't even care what is going on in your country until and unless it is directly affecting us.
3. If you are asking to get my facts right then first get your facts right, border of India and Pakistan is Durand Line not LoC. LoC divides Kashmir.
4. According to Transparency International and many other international agencies, level of transparency in Pakistan is much less than that of India. I still doubt the accuracy of data provided by SBP. And I have no reason to believe you.
4. You owe Americans and Chinese for your very existence. Every weapon you buy is funded by them.
5. I am not the spokeperson of dead men, let it be Jinnah or Nehru. So I am not going to answer those stupid questions.

Lastly, If you are so concerned then why have you kept your account hidden. Sceptical, or deep rooted insecurity.

We prove no point by fighting or debating out here. I usually use some courtesy when I visit and comment on any other blog. But you seemed to have crossed all the limits of decency. Better not see you again here Ali. Ali, you don't even deserve that good name.
Good bye