Thursday, July 9, 2009

You earn when you live, they even earn when they are dead (and also make other earn)

You work very hard; you work night and day to earn a living. You earn so that you can contribute to your savings, contribute to your investments, contribute to your EMIs, contribute to your expenditures, contribute to your extravagance, contribute to your pension funds, and contribute towards taxes. Well there are too many contributions to be made in a lifetime. And when you retire, you expect that your savings, investments and pension fund will carry you forward to the twilight of your life. A perfectly predictable life. But in this you may also add on, if you wish, when you become successful, working till the very end. Serving more as a honorary position. Giving lectures to the young guns about your experience in your life. And when you die, there is an announcement in the newspaper, condolences fly in from far places. And then you are finally put to rest.

But alas! What about those one who can even earn or make others earn even after their deaths? Well who they are? People like us. Well no. They are celebrities. Because when they die, there last journey is telecast live, there rites are performed in auditorium. And arrangement in most of the cases is made by the state. Yes, the state, taking money from you as taxes and spending it on the funeral of the celebrities.

Take the case of latest dead celebrity, the pop king Michael Jackson. His burial was telecast live. His burial got second highest TV ratings in the new century, at least 31 million Americans having watched it, data from other countries is still not available. Los Angeles spent at least $1.4 million on arrangements. Even Los Angeles Health Department is putting copies of his death certificate for sale. Organizers are planning live shows about him. Well isn’t that too much money now. Well, there might more be coming. Like special edition of his songs, his personal artifacts and many other things. Who knows what new innovation the human brain comes to?

This case cannot be dealt as an isolated case, it is happening world over. It first began as solidarity towards the dead and now, it has full chance of becoming the roaring business. People like celebrities, and in the course of time began to associate with themselves. Their joy and pain become their joy and pain.

No wonder death becomes a profitable business.

© Tarun Mitra


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Shubhra said...

This one is really ture thing. Its infact deep and thoughtful.People need to read it atleast once.

Tarun Mitra said...

Thanks for your comments