Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men Beware!

“In a Jurassic Park scenario, scientists have created sperm from human stem cells. Babies could be born artificially in future making men redundant.”

Men, beware, this above statement appeared as a headline in a leading Indian tabloid “Mail Today” talk about the new frontier in science. A frontier, crossing of which will see men disappear.

The development which is fraught by medical and ethical problems appeared in journal ‘Stem Cells and Development’. A team of British scientists led by Biologist Karim Nayernia (who is apparently a male) from Newcastle University created a cocktail of chemicals and vitamins that turned human stem cells into sperm. Prof. Nayernia is convinced that they (the sperms) would be capable of fertilizing eggs and creating babies.

This discovery raises the possibilities of ‘virgin mothers’ whereby woman can become pregnant entirely through artificial mean. Even there can be the scenario where long dead men can be fathering children from beyond the grave. Although Prof. Nayernia asserts that this discovery can be useful in solving the problem of infertility among the men which is on rise these days.

However one just cannot possibly ignore the implications of this discovery, especially if you are male. Few years back a research show that men are more prone to be extinct than women. Now reading this research in perspective of that one done earlier, Me Beware! You are at serious risks. With capabilities which will make men redundant, and possibility of extinction looms large, less money will be invested to revive the male. Now, women can do it without men, they can become mothers, run business, drive science and do every other thing which were earlier called ‘male domain’.

Now what can this discovery leads to, apart from ‘virgin mothers’, dead men as fathers, or even customized babies, It will lead to gargantuan change in the vocabulary of human beings. All male dominated words will simply be eliminated, who needs the dead to create standards after all; Chairman will become Chairwoman, making will change to womankind, odd-man-out to odd-woman-out, man hours will become woman hours, manhood will become womanhood, man-eater will become woman-eater, patriarchal order will become matriarchal order, even words with slightest inclination towards ‘male’ will change, malefactor will become femalefactor, maledict will become femaledict, longshoreman will change to longshorewoman and the list is endless. The change will be enough to wipe out the idea of men from the face of earth. Only his stem cell will remain and few copies will rot in graves and museums, amusement for the modern ladies about the extinct animals of the past.

So my dear brethren beware, and wake up to reality and prepare. Otherwise, ‘The Man’ will ultimately be lost in the sands of time.

© Tarun Mitra


The information is taken from the article “No Need For Men” appeared in Mail Today July 9, 2009


Indrani said...

Couldn't help smiling seeing your concern. Well written piece.

DRIVEN said...

Dude.. see the positive side of it. When men population will go down then women will hunt men, there will be fight to get a men. like men fight to get a women. BECAUSE only men can give the women satisfaction and pleasure and that she cant get from a dildo or anyother sex toy.

Tarun Mitra said... are actually missing the point..I am talking here about the very reason for existence..not the sexual preferences.. is expected for you, after all its battle of sexes and women just got 1 love, but the set is not yet complete.
And Many thanks for your compliments.

shivani said...

Hmm cant say much but ya it was interesting and somewhat surprising.
gud wrk

Raghu Menon said...

In a time when the women population is going down, and where all men do not have matches, if this in any way, increase the prospects for women and their rights, then it is welcome. Anyhow, just imagine that no ordinary woman will have the means and money for getting the artificial sperm....Anyhow let us wait and see...