Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photographs of Jaipur

The Full platter. If this was not enough they didn't stopped serving until we pleaded them to. They served with a lot of love

The oven. It is not for the show but they actually cook foods there.

A village door. Beautiful design.

The balcony.

Beautiful Rangoli

I visited Jaipur last November along with my office mates. I really had a great trip there. If you happen to visit Jaipur, do visit Chokkhi Ghani, a model Rajathani Village being set up by Rajasthan Tourism. Entry cost is around Rs. 300 and includes traditional Rajasthani feast.

Inside the Chokkhi Ghani or the ideal village, you can surely enjoy many activities like camel riding, palmistry, kulfis etc for a nominal charge. Another thing is that quality of food served there is very good. The atmosphere inside resembles that is present in a village fair. If you visit Jaipur, then don't miss this place.


Mridula said...

I have been to Jaipur but not Chokki Ghani, if it provides for such beautiful pictures then maybe next time.

Tarun Mitra said...

Better go there...its really worth it..takes your brats along..they'll enjoy it.

Shanu said...

Ohh I have been here..its an awesome place..fulltoo fun!

Megha said...

Beautiful art work!! Keep sharing.

Anil said...

Hi Tarun

Nice blog n nice photograhs. Just wanted to draw ur attention to the name of the place, it is called Chokhi Dhani (Dhani refers to a small group of houses in Rajasthani).

The place is a private property and in no way related to Rajasthan Tourism Department.

Need not say that the images are quite cool on the blog :)

Tarun Mitra said...

Hey Anil,

Thanks for stopping by...

Well since we were pronounciating it as 'ghani' the name stuck. :)

Secondly we were told by our Hotel manager that it was Rajasthan Tourism the Chokkhi Dhani, no one countered it..

Thanks for correcting

Anil said...

No problems Tarun!!! Well, ppl make tall claims about their establishments in Jaipur, it is such a tourist hotspot afterall.

Since, I grew up in Jaipur, I know it for a fact that the property is a private one. The guys run the same kind of show in Pune as well.

Happy blogging once again!!!

Anil said...

I accidently arrived on ur blog while searching the number for Canon experience store in Gurgaon. I saw some of the images on ur blog tagged as Canon A580. Pity that the company has discontinued this model now.

I am planning to buy a digital camera with 4X zoom. Would be great if u suggest something, a Canon or Sony. Am confused between Canon A1000IS or Sony DSC-S980/S for normal day to day photography.

Tarun Mitra said...

Cannon did the best by discontinuing this model. For me it was my first camera that I purchased and it was the best one within that budget. If you a want a good Camera, then Cannon is very good. But on the flip side, Canon is bit bulky than Sony because it uses AA battery. However I am posting a link from discussing pros and cons hope that helps, check it out.

Anil said...

Thanks Tarun...I bought the Powershot 1000IS. Same here, first DigiCam, though not top of the line but serves good for the indoor photography :)