Sunday, April 18, 2010

Legal Tangle

While waiting at a government office for getting the work done I wrote these few lines just for passing my time. The work was not done and the lines are before you.

Legal Tangle

It is something called legal tangle

Size more confusing than woman’s bangle

If the problem is countered at wrong angle

It becomes difficult to untangle the tangle

It’s much easier to break the bangle

© Tarun Mitra


kavita said...

Gotta hire a winged angel,
to untangle this tangle
which is more confusing than woman's bangle .

Nice one Tarun,have a great Sunday.

Nalini Hebbar said...

but why do you need to break the bangle to get your ring back?

Mridula said...

Hope it has been untangled by now without breaking the bangle!

karan a said...

and if you are caught with a woman in that tangle, no angle can you to untangle the tangle!

Farila said...

I usually break a few bangles and other things around me when I have to wait for a govt job done..

Zave said...

Where women are concerned nothing could be more entangled, not even a legal tangle!
Hilarious to say the least.

What's in a name? said...

As kabir would have said

"Bhalla hua mori gagari phooti"
- Thank god my pot broke!

We value your suggestions. said...

Nice haiku man, keep going. Best wishes.

Nethra said...

That was nice one. :)
But I didn't get whats so confusing about a woman's bangle.

Neha said...

a lawyer speaks I guess? :)

Tarun Mitra said...

@ nice follow up..

@ Nalini....:) just a rhyming thought

@ the bangle

@ Karan..No not woman..but government :)

@ Farila...I prefer scratching my head and

@ Zave...:D

@ What's in Name?...Kabir is long dead..if he'd be alive he'd only wish to be dead

@ We value your suggestions..I even didn't knew it is haiku??

@ Netra...nothing..just an old bong joke mixed up with a present situation..

@ Neha..hmm...Company Secretary matter of fact :D