Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yet another week..

It is Thursday night 2330hrs, tomorrow is few minutes away, and I sit here, with drowsy eyes and drained out mind trying to write something, or least of it meaningful, to keep my this blog atleast alive. Indeed it is difficult.

Is it poverty of thoughts? Or drought of ideas? Or, is it just another plain laziness which had plagued me earlier? No, neither of them, I am just tired. After spending close to 10 hours at the office and 3 hours in commuting and that to by using public transport (even it is Delhi Metro) what is left of a poor soul of 24 year old. And to add a cherry to this cake I don't have Saturday off, with Sunday comes and goes life seems to be struck a High Tension wire.

Enough of whining, I chose it, or it was a hobsons choice. Whatever it was, decision is entirely mine. Anyhow coming to penning my thoughts, I think I have already explained why the idea don't get converted, not an excuse, but try walking in my shoes.

Be careful what you wish for, because some where in past I might have prayed for this and the Higher Power seems to be using LIFO in granting wishes. Anyhow, coming to the point.

But what point, this point has no point at all, just varied coordinates which I joining with my eyes closed. So excuse me if you had gone through this torture, Good bye for now, and hopefully we will see you on Sunday


Purba said...

Ah the dreaded writer's block. Don't worry you will get around it. And writing is a great stress buster :)

Sorcerer said...

Hmm.Long time No see..Now I see what your problem is..
You need to take a away to the wild

why did god made flu?
So that we can write that in the leave application and go for trek

So no worries mate.

Megha said...

Work is first but not before health.

Coming to your pointless point, which had a point, I can understand how it must be to travel in Delhi metro, in this scorching summer, for 3 hours.

Take care.

Tripat "Prerna" said...

i like the way u express the reality...i completely agree with u :)

Mridula said...

:D I often walk this road putting pressure on my self that I only post pictures these days and hardly write anything. But the point is that I started blogging because I enjoyed it and I resist very hard to make it another pressure point in my life! What do you say?

Tarun Mitra said...

@ is but what if you start with writing something and end up pressing any button...:)..yes it is a stress buster

@ Sorcy...:)...I am suffering from flu..but no five fingers are same :)....u have a wonderful blog..

@ Megha..DMRC is very good...but its the time which kills is first..

@ Prerna...thanks...

@ Mridula..hmm...pressure is not there but an obligation to excel as I have stated earlier...this blog is both my playground and testing ground....