Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inner Strength

Another old one from me, can't help. Sunday is the only holiday. This one was written way back in 2007. Hopefully by next week will be able to add something new.

Inner Strength

My eyes look tired

My face look wrinkled

It gives an older than age looks

However my determination is not broken

Nor did my inner strength

© Tarun Mitra


Mridula said...

I agree, my determination too is still intact :D

Neha said...

hey great one..

Megha said...

good ..seems your words are proving to be the inspiration for you :)

Farila said...

Short and to the point... Very nice one.

If possible please leave a comment on my post
to increase my chances in the contest.

karan a said...

Good one! Expressed precisely...

eden said...

Nice one. thanks for sharing

Tarun Mitra said...

@ Mridula..:D

@ Neha..thanks

@ Megha...hmm..can say that

@ Farila..thanks

@ Karan...thanks bro

@ Eden...thanks for visiting :)