Saturday, July 23, 2011

Delusion of Love: Part IV

This is the final Part of my poem "Delusion of Love" you can access first three parts by clicking on Part I, Part II and Part III

Part IV

Essence of love is pain
Untruthfulness its bane
I suffered both
In her hands the most.

That day she lied
As she met her ‘flyby’
For him she called up
And told me to shut up.

I was hurt to core
I wished to live no more
Stuck by axe of deceit
The body became bag of meat.

She called up next day
Explaining her way
She said she loved him
She cannot forget him.

“Why you lie my dear?”
“Why you drew me closer?”
“I was happy alone”
“Why you gave me such delusion”

“I never loved you”, She said
“Its all in your mind”
“Its him I loved”
“And will love – till the end of time.”

“You should’ve told me straight”
“You should’ve never lied.”
“You insulted me – my self respect”
“Giving a wound – unrestrained”

It is where the logic fails
In the altar of argument
As accusations gained momentum
It was hurt that pained.

With a heavy heart
I bid her farewell
“I still love you” I Said
But she won’t gel.
I once was in love
But it was mere illusion
And my heart still singes
From this delusion.

© Tarun Mitra
July 19th, 2011


Shivani said...

Just one wrd for this beautiful must MOVE ON
Get hold of these 2 wrds and life will be simple forever

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the middle of conifer forests near Russian border but strongly in Finland.
I read your words, the poem touched me.
No matter, where we live, feelings are same.

Megha said...

I can feel pain and sorrow in every word...very nicely written ... I wish the next series would be poem of hope...